Founded in 2015, Garden Boutique is a company operating in the field of landscape and interior design, residential architecture and retail.
We believe that nature is a vital component of our busy urban lives, and therefore we propose a fresh approach of the green environment.
We find solutions tailored to our clients’ lifestyles, and imprint their personalities in the newly designed spaces.
Our business covers a wide range of projects, from small scale projects such as: private gardens, commercial, office and residential gardens, indoor and outdoor vertical gardens, to large scale projects such as urban and landscape planning.
We promote sustainable designs and the use of natural materials.

"Life is the adventure,
we create its framework"


render, execution plans, estimative execution costs

Landscape design includes a wide range of areas, covering macro-territorial, mezzo-territorial and micro-territorial planing and design. The discipline is located at the intersection of architecture, art, botany, horticulture, industrial design, environmental psychology, civil engineering and includes various applications:

  • Urban and Territorial Planning
  • Public parks
  • Sustainable development (urban and rural)
  • Rainwater management (green terraces, green infrastructures, wetlands)
  • Landscape with educational role (facilities for institutions and schools)
  • Amusement facilities (playgrounds, theme parks, sports parks)
  • Residential districts, industrial parks and commercial developments
  • Transport structures, motorways, transit corridors
  • Urban design, pedestrian zones, water fronts
  • Natural parks, protected areas, historical landscapes
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Landscape management and planning
  • Residential gardens


"hard" and "soft" landscape interventions - integrated solutions including concrete platforms, alleys, fences, facades, pergolas, lawns, state places, vegetation, lighting solutions, terrain modeling and drainage

Creativity and taste for beauty drives the attentions we give to your project throughout the design and the implementation process. We adjust to your budget and time to offer you the experience of your green landscape in your garden.
What does the project planning stage consist of? For us, the implementation of the project is a dear moment, which gives us the chance to compose your unique landscape. With a lot of enthusiasm and a wide variety of materials, we are ready to turn the sketches into the garden you desire.
Landscaping has two main stages: "hard" and the "soft" landscape.

"Hard" interventions:

  • Preparation and cleaning of the land (deforestation, phytosanitary treatments)
  • Structural modeling of the land and built elements (fencing, supporting walls, swimming pools, waterfalls, ponds, etc.)
  • Drainage system
  • Utility networks (realization of the irrigation and lighting system)
  • Mineral areas: alleys (stabilized or not, mineral platforms, deck areas, arbors, pergolas, play areas, etc.)

”Soft” interventions:

  • Preparing and cleaning the land for planting Planting trees, shrubs, floral plants, perennial herbs, aromatic herbs, etc.
  • Putting into operation the irrigation and the lighting system
  • Lawn
  • Seating furniture and final decorations (garlands, sofas and garden chairs, dining areas, outdoor lamps, etc.)
  • Final cleaning and decorations


Personalized maintenance plan for one year: treatments and fertilization; trees pruning, shrubs and perennials; lawn maintenance; maintenance of pavement and exterior spaces; post-execution design improvements and modifications

After planning, we create a maintenance plan throughout the year, optimized for your garden’s needs, time and budget, including operations such as:

  • Phytosanitary treatments and fertilization
  • Trees and shrubs pruning for training and growth
  • Lawn trimming and meintenance
  • Pavement and exterior areas meintenance
  • Post-execution garden design improvements


The comfort and destination of your garden - dining areas, armchairs, hammocks, fireplaces, grills, loungers, garlands, pots

Furniture and accessories are the highlights of your garden. Dining areas and outdoor living areas, hammocks, chairs will bring you the warmth and joy to relax and dedicate a moment to experience your landscape.
Fireplaces, barbecue areas, garlands, pots, statues are the ones that give you the dynamism of your garden. We will help you find the perfect solutions to fit your personality for your outdoor experience.


Solutions for intensive and extensive rooftop gardens.

Perhaps one of the most controversial approaches to landscape design is the rooftop garden, a contemporary reinterpretation of the archetipal garden, aimed to bring us an oasis of tranquility and relaxation.
Your terrace can become a mineral garden with container vegetation and decorative pots, a pergola area or an orchard, or it can become a natural corner with lawn or soil cover. We will help you find the best solutions for your technical needs (waterproofing, filtration systems, drainage, leaks, etc.) to bring the nature to your home.

*For indoor, we design green walls with stabilized plants


Stabilized moss, indoor vertical gardens, outdoor vertical gardens, gastronomic vertical gardens, therapeutic vertical gardens

We offer solutions for vertical gardens, green facades and green walls with stabilized plants.
Outdoor solutions:

  • Vertical gardens – modular systems for vertical gardens with natural plants and green façade

Indoor solutions:

  • Green walls with stabilized plants
  • Vertical gardens – modular systems for vertical gardens with natural plants


Urban planning, urban squares, parks, revitalization of the industrial landscape - we aim to create green infrastructures, places where people can socialize and enjoy the therapeutic qualities of nature

For us, the public space is a fragment of urban life. We support good communication and explore with our customers the options to create beautiful and sustainable landscapes.
Whether we work on parks projects, revitalizing public spaces or developing strategies, we aim to create green infrastructures, places where people can socialize and enjoy the therapeutical qualities of nature.
A comfortable and happy city needs beauty, nature, good connectivity and accessibility, offering its residents the opportunity to socialize and move easily, primarily pedestrian and using clean technologies inside.


Personality and identity for your special space - personalized fences, pergolas, statues, ponds, porticoes, fountains, jardiniere, deck, decorative panels, etc.
Accesorizing the garden is the last stage of the arrangement and will create identity and imprint your personality in your landscape.
Personalized decorative panels, fence, attractive garbage area, exterior screens will bring art to your landscape.


Personalized interior design for your home, for office buildings and retail units - furniture, lighting solutions, partitioning, finishings

Because we believe that the indoor is an extension of the outdoor and vice versa, we oferr equal value to indoor spaces.
We will help you find the solutions to fit your lifestyle for your home, office buildings or retail units.
Whether it is furniture, lighting, partitioning or finishings, we will find the best solutions so that the space is suited to your functional and aestethical needs.



Urban installations and event decor - Christmas decorations, plant arrangements

  • Urban installations
  • Events decorations
  • Christmas decorations | decorated Christmas Trees


The urban space is a valuable land resource in a permanent transformation. Former industrial areas, abandoned areas, landfills, or degraded areas are a priority in our work.
We propose solutions for space recycling, sustainable planning and reintegration into the present urban context.
We also focus on sustainable agriculture and preservation of the natural landscape.